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I’ve had this on my mind for quite a while, but I had recently a couple of triggers, so I have to put it out.

It all started when my friend Jonathan Crossland asked this question on LinkedIn

One day after, a post from Ben Sigelman, for which I have a deep respect, popped out in my reading list

So, now’s the time.

Agile is evolving. Agile 2.0 is out. It is backed by a nice group of people, and mainly focused on DevOps. If you want to know more, follow Cliff Berg on LinkedIn.

Everybody’s doing devops. Right …

Courtesy — the internet

I’m trying to wrap my head around with the latest “hot thingy”, serverless… While most of my experience has been in the AWS lambda space, I assume it’s not much different in the rest of the ecosystem.

Starting up

I agree that if you read any of the Hello world tutorials out there, it looks simple. Write 20 lines of code, run this command line, and voila, you have an API. Whoa … Not so fast, buddy. Here’s an (incomplete) list of things you will need to know in order to use it in production: Terraform or CloudFormation, API Gateway…

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I’ve been thinking about this for a while.

Maybe we are doing something wrong.
Take the standard log prologue:

02/22/2020 14:05:00 Application started
02/22/2020 14:05:01 Verifying dependencies
02/22/2020 14:05:02 Database and upstreams OK
02/22/2020 14:05:03 Got request from IP:
02/22/2020 14:05:03 Calling upstream blah, request ID 1
02/22/2020 14:05:04 Got success response for request ID 1
02/22/2020 14:05:05 Responding to caller request ID 1
Now add on top of this structured logging with enriched information.

A few points.
How much of that data is really necessary ?
How often do you read it all ?
Have you ever measured the ratio…

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TL;DR Maybe we’re doing something wrong

First of all, let me break the bad news: you are discriminating.

As long as your recruiting ad contains any other words than “I’m looking into hiring a human being”, you are discriminating. Change my mind.

There’s a lot of emulation out there about stopping discrimination in the hiring process, about being an equal-opportunity employer. Which is good. Absolutely great. Nobody should be judged on criteria like skin colour, gender, ethnicity, etc. Everybody deserves a chance. What I find puzzling in this is the fact that most of the “features” used in fight against…

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