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  • Edward Tomic

    Edward Tomic

    Topics in philosophy, classics, and politics. Contact me at:

  • Laura Waldenstrom

    Laura Waldenstrom

    VC Investor at Inkef, based in Amsterdam, born in Stockholm.

  • Dr. Stephen Leeb, PhD

    Dr. Stephen Leeb, PhD

    World Renowned Economist, Finance Expert, Money Manager, Research Chairman of Leeb Capital Management, The Complete Investor & Real World Investing, Author.

  • Zhong Chen

    Zhong Chen

    Big Data and Analytics Consultant @ Google GCP. Helping customers to modernizing big data infrastructure.

  • Pekka Enberg

    Pekka Enberg

  • cdapio


    A 100% open source framework for building data analytics applications.

  • Daniela Baron

    Daniela Baron

    Senior Staff Engineer

  • Justin Taras

    Justin Taras

    I’m a Google Customer Engineer interested in all things data. I love helping customers leverage their data to build new and powerful data driven applications!

  • Nodar Danelia

    Nodar Danelia

  • Friedrich C.F. Meertaube

    Friedrich C.F. Meertaube

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